Technical Assistance, Training and Program Evaluation

Community Health Assessment (CHA)

AASTEC collaborates with the 27 Albuquerque Area Tribes to design, adapt and implement community health assessments to assist Tribes in collecting data to:

1) identify health needs,

2) highlight strengths and assets,

3) pinpoint key areas for intervention,

4) advocate for additional funding, grants and resources, and

5) monitor trends over time.

Each CHA is customized based on the specific needs of the community.  Technical assistance with data collection methods, data entry, analysis, reporting, and data storage is also available.  To request technical assistance with a community health assessment project in your tribe, please contact AASTEC.


Public Health Trainings

As part of our aim to strengthen tribal public health capacity, AASTEC coordinates and facilitates various public health related trainings on a routine basis. Recent training topics have included:

  • Community Health Assessment
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Survey Design
  • Survey Interviewing
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Focus Group Design
  • Database Development and Management
  • Chronic Disease Management/Prevention for CHRs/SDPI staff
  • Cancer Education for CHRs
Program Evaluation

AASTEC assists communities with a variety of program evaluation activities, including:

  • Developing measurable objectives and evaluation plans
  • Designing program evaluation instruments
    • Pre-post tests
    • Satisfaction surveys
    • Focus group and key informant interview guides
  • Developing customized databases to track program activities and outcomes
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Training staff on best practices for program evaluation
  • Evaluation technical assistance to IHS Albuquerque Area DVPI and MSPI Programs
Database Development & Management

AASTEC has established a secure, online HIPPA certified database system that can be customized for tribal health programs (i.e. SDPI, CHR, Behavioral Health, etc.) to perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Manage programmatic data is a secure and electronic format
  • Monitor participant health status and outcomes
  • Track program activities
  • Evaluate program services
More Information
Contact: Judy Espinoza
Epidemiologist, (505) 764-0036

We also provide training and technical assistance for program staff on the proper utilization of this database including data entry, analysis and reporting.

IHS EpiDataMart

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Epidemiology Data Mart is a subset of the central data warehouse database known as the IHS National Data Warehouse.

In partnership with the Indian Health Service Division of Epidemiology and Disease Prevention and through a data sharing agreement with the Indian Health Service Albuquerque Area Office, AASTEC has access to the IHS EpiDataMart for the Albuquerque Area.

This system provides access to clinical data to respond to tribal requests for this data, track disease trends, identify new threats to health, evaluate health programs, and monitor health status in our region.


Student Development

AASTEC is committed to mentoring American Indian high school, undergraduate and graduate students from the 27 Tribes in the Albuquerque Area with an interest in science, health professions, public health and health research. Student projects encompass a variety of activities including: health survey design and administration, data analysis, epidemiological research, program evaluation and health promotion and disease prevention intervention.