Tribal Injury Prevention Program

The long term goal of our 5-year injury prevention program is to reduce the burden of unintentional injuries related to falls and motor vehicle accidents among American Indian communities in our service area, with an emphasis upon approaches that weave together evidence-based strategies at the community, policy, system and environmental levels.

More Information
Contact: Jerrod Moore
Tribal Injury Prevention Program Coordinator | (505) 764-0036

Key aims:

1) PARTNERSHIPS – Increase collaboration and resource sharing among Tribes and between Tribes and external partners related to unintentional injury prevention

2) KNOWLEDGE – Heighten public awareness and understanding of the burden of falls and motor vehicle injuries among American Indians as well as risk-reduction strategies for injury prevention

3) CAPACITY – Strengthen capacity among the tribal public health workforce to implement unintentional injury prevention best practices

4) DATA – Improve access and quality of unintentional injury data for the American Indian population in our region