Community Health Worker Program for COVID-19 Response and Resilient Tribal Communities (CHW-CV)

To expand, enhance, and mobilize tribal community health worker/representative programs within the 27 tribes in the IHS Albuquerque Area to support local COVID-19 response, prevention, and recovery.

ADMINISTERED BY the AAIHB and its Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center.

More Information

Reiko Yazzie
Program Coordinator | (505) 228-3514

Jessica Deloya
AAIHB Senior Staff Accountant | (505) 764-0036

Kristen Laughlin
AAIHB Grants & Contracts Specialist | (505) 962-2603, ext. 126

Vernon Laughlin
AAIHB Finance Director

Kevin English
Principal Investigator

Key aims:

1) Column 1– Increase collaboration and resource sharing among Tribes …

2) Column 2– Heighten public awareness and understanding …

3) Column 3 – Strengthen capacity …

4) Column 4– Improve access …


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Tools and document development to support program operations

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